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Colorado Warming Company, LLC‚Äč

The Colorado Warming Company was founded by two teachers with over 50 years of collective educational experience. They understood the stress associated with working, raising a family, and managing everyday life. They perfected their products for over 10 years by experimenting with various natural grains, designs, fabrics, and product styles.

It was their desire to create a product with multiple uses that would relieve the aches, pains and stresses associated with everyday living. They accomplished more than that by assembling a team of medical experts to design and test each product to assure the results. Every product targets specific muscle areas in the body. The heat prepares the muscles by reducing tension, allowing for more effective treatment. Conversely, the cold relieves pain by reducing inflammation and mitigating the pain. The medical team found that these packs improved circulation and provided relief for:

Muscle Tension
Migraine Headaches
General Fatigue

The Products are non-toxic, chemical-free and environmentally safe. The therapeutic benefits are unsurpassed!

Continuing in the tradition and vision of the founders, the current owner is a certified Physician Assistant currently working in education. It is her desire and goal to help relieve the suffering that many feel from the aches and pains of daily living and various illnesses. Her years practicing in Family and Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, and Neurosurgery, as well as her years in K-12 education have helped to sharpen her observational skills into what eases common causes of tension and pain.



Soothing your Aches & Pains