The Wrist Wrap is made of spandex and stretches to fit over the wrist, thumb and top of hand. Wonderful for carpal tunnel or general hand and thumb soreness. Perfect for using when on the computer!

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Slide into these specially designed Warming Slippers and feel the heat surround your entire foot and ankle. Warms feet in seconds and relieves tired and aching muscles. Available in Small (sizes 5-8) and Large (sizes 8.5-10).

The Eye Mask provides great relief for migraine headaches, sinuses, and general head congestion. The warm moist heat helps to relieve the pressure and tension in the head and behind the eyes. Great for eyes that are strained from doing too much computer or close-up work!

These versatile BooBoo/Handwarmer Bags, when placed in the freezer, help decrease the swelling and pain of occasional bumps and bruises, as well as help warm hands on those cold and freezing days when microwaved and placed in coat or pant pockets.

The versatile All Purpose Warming 19”x 6” Bag can be used for any part of the body and for any purpose. Will cover neck, knees, wrists, lower back, ankles, and legs. Comes with a washable cover that you can throw into the washing machine.

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The Back Warmer has a special horizontal pillow design to evenly distribute heat the entire length of your back. Use in the office or at home. Great for physical therapists or massage therapists! Moist heat relieves the stresses of the day!


The Shoulder Wrap, our most popular product, has been designed by popular demand! Place in the microwave and in 2-3 minutes you have soothing, moist heat applied to those areas where we all seem to carry the most tension. Eases your stress and relaxes your body in no time. The even weight distribution keeps the shoulder wrap from slipping, allowing you to move around freely.

The unique Lumbar Belt is therapeutic for lower back pain. The heavy duty buckle keeps the belt in place so you can move around while wearing the lumbar wrap. One size fits all with the adjustable strap. One of our most popular items!

The Warming Mittens surround every part of the hand and fingers with warm, moist heat. Excellent for arthritis and similar joint pains. The pliability allows fingers and hands to move while being massaged by the texture of the grain. Great for going on walks in the cold too! One size fits all.