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“Ask The People Who Really Matter”. . . .
                       So We Did and Here’s What They Had To Say. . . .              

“It is so wonderful to buy a product that does everything it claims to do and more! These are the best hot and cold packs I’ve ever used!”
Cleveland, OH

“The therapeutic benefits of this product are unsurpassed! I use them myself and recommend them to my patients!”
Wheat Ridge, CO

“I use the Colorado Warming products for my clients before, during, and after their massage. The relaxation and stress relief is unbelievable!”
Massage Therapist

“Talk about great gifts and superb service! I ordered one of your products and received it in the mail two days later! This was the easiest process I’ve ever seen. I have now done several repeat orders because my friends keep taking mine! You will never forget who gives you this gift!”
Naples, FL

“My kids beg for their bags every night before bedtime and they go right to sleep! When they are sick, they never let go of their “buddy-mate” and neither do the adults in our house! We are still using the same ones we bought from you four years ago! We love your products!”
Houston, TX

Based on actual use of the products the Medical Community reports the following:

The products target specific muscle groups needed to relieve pain.

The warm/cool moisture relieves the aches and pains in the muscles so much more effective than a dry heating pad.

Prepares patients for more effective treatment while relaxing them at the same time.

The products are user friendly and easy for patients to understand.

The length of time warm/cool moisture is provided to the specific area meets the medically recommended guidelines.

The products are durable and deliver their claim.

The variety of products and sizes reach every part of the body where relief if needed.

My patients report physical relief and psychological relief. They just feel better.

A high quality, reasonably priced solution.

Based on actual use of the products patients report the following:

Relief is significant in the muscle and joint areas.

Increase in blood flow seems to reduce the pain.

Assists with my specific, chronic condition.

Reduced the swelling.

My sinuses feel moist and open.

I could feel the heat penetrating and my muscles relaxing.

Reduced the tension in the strained area.

Helped me feel relaxed.

Easily changes from a hot pack to a cold pack.

Just makes me feel better when I’m using it. I use it every day.